Sketches – Elysian AA Battery

The Trident Elysian Air Missile Battery is the standard fixed AA emplacement used by the Elysian Army. Packing six Trident multi-purpose AA missiles in a revolver magazine setup for rapid-fire usage. Each warhead is fitted with a small “pinch-squeeze” nuclear warhead engineered for clean yield at the expense of raw power output (the logic being you don’t want excessive contamination over your own positions, and a nuclear yield is a substantial amount of force to begin with). The launcher’s geometry is designed to have a reloading vehicle back into the rear of the launch tubes, reloading the battery in only a few minutes.

Propelled by a low-endurance drive field, the Trident is capable of engaging most small craft in line of sight and with better than 70% odds of killing a targeted craft. Standard doctrine is to fire one round as a ranging shot and cause the target to start evading, and then follow up with the other five missiles in rapid succession.

This sketch was put together a little bit after the invasion on turn 103. I was thinking what an Elysian launcher would look like, and I had a bit of an idea on what they might look like. The idea is that they fire off a round (and you get that nice ground THUMP like artillery as the round goes supersonic) and then the whole thing rotates, “clicking” into position, and the firing cycle begins anew.

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