Sketches – Unknown Planet

Unnamed Planet 1

Part of any kind of world building is, well, actual world building. Truth be told, I’m not actually sure which planet this is, if it is one. I’ve crosschecked the numbers versus my references, and nothing I have is the right number of plates OR the approximate hydrographic percentage. So I think this is a test planet.

Anyhow, for everyone who’s older school you probably recognize the map formatting. Old school Traveller strikes again. But it’s actually quite useful; it lets you actually map out percentages of landforms quite easily. How else can you map out 47.2% ocean coverage on a sphere? As well, the triangle wedges help make sure you get better landforms on the poles, instead of just a classic rectangle where everything at the higher latitudes gets all smashed together. Finally, it also makes it easy to start looking at what kind of biospheres are you going to have on a planet like this, as it has a bunch of grid lines already put in.

The current process I have is once I complete all the planetary generator math that generates the rough parameters of the planet, I start laying out the various tectonic plates. Depending on the hydrographic percentage, some of them become “land” plates. From there, I randomly generate the directions of various plates, and start plotting out converging, diverging and transform boundaries. That then starts dictating where I place larger mountain ranges, and then I start working out where I want the landforms to be, broadly speaking. Which gets us to where we see this map.

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