Sketches – Military Councils of Naril Space Ships

Naril Heavy Cruiser Sketch

Narilei ships represent one of my first experiments to get away from the more “ISO Standard” ship design that permeates the deWulf and Krak ships. It’s in a lot of ways still fairly derivative, but this was one of my earlier attempts to make something different. The big  “idea” is having the engines out on kind of “wing” outriggers, with some kind of two or four-fold symmetry, depending on needs, with all the weapons mounted on the forward plate, and more life-critical systems farther aft. A design built more to survive heavy frontal combat, but substantially more vulnerable from the flanks.

As far as early experiments go, it’s not the worst I’ve done. I mean, I’m willing to share it after all! But at the same point, it doesn’t aspire to be much more than a rough concept idea. I’ve never had a need to really work out how the Narilei ships look, so I never did any revisions or further evolutions of the design. Yet.

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