Sketches – Sintillan AA Tank

Sintillan TD Tank 1.jpg

This was a weird hybrid design between the previous Sintillan heavy tank, along with the real like KV-2 (which provided the overall turret lines) and the Shilka, which provided the role as well as the quad barrels. There’s actually a model of something that looks remarkably similar to this for some Weird War 2 game, but that’s not really surprising. They’re both fairly iconic design elements for a stereotypical “Russian” piece of equipment, which means seeing them used in combination (especially for “weirder” uses) is to be expected.

While a decidedly un-stealthy piece of equipment, the Okrainy (Outskirts) heavy AA tank was an effective piece of equipment. Four rapid fire barrels equipped with semi-guided rocket assist-propelled shells provided a staggering amount of low-altitude fire, and when combined with an effective LIDAR targeting system, could deny low altitude support in a surprisingly large area. Multiple units working together with an onboard command link could even threaten medium altitude aircraft, as the various units could feed targeting data from one gun to another, using semi-random sensor pulses from each platform to hamper counter-battery detection. Often, the best way to deal with them was with ground hunter-killer teams, as their large bulk and inability to lower their guns to engage ground targets left them vulnerable to light infantry. Unfortunately, they were often well defended on the ground, as they provided a critical function to ground combat positions. This often forced commanders to have to decide which option could sustain the casualties required to put them out of action.

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