Sketches – Sintillan Beria Destroyer

Sintillan Beria.jpg


This was the first sketch for the Sintillan Navy, and this established the overall design concept for their spaceships. I’m actually really happy with how well it worked out overall, as I found that the whole two outriggers concept scaled up really nicely with larger hulls, and also offered a nice way to do cargo ships as well. Part of the proof of this being an early sketch is the name of the ship; early on when I was just doing the deWulf universe for myself, the Sintillans used a far more obvious Russian naming scheme, and the Beria-class (named after the rather infamous Latvia Beria) was what I went with to start. Since then I’ve been re-writing a bunch of the back end stuff to get rid of these things, and the Beria has since become the Bratov class (a rough congruence to “bratan”, or “brother”).

The Beria-class Destroyer was the Sintillan response to their experience with deWulf Destroyers, primarily the Manos-class Destroyer. While not quite matching the kind of firepower that the Ostrova-class Frigate could deliver, the Manos was substantially more durable, and in several engagements the end result was destroyed Ostrovas and alive but crippled Manoses. As a result, the Sintillan high command realized that they needed a ship to match the Manos in a head-on fight. That was the Beria. While they were put into series production, the deWulf had already begun deploying their Hawking-class Light cruisers, resulting in the Sintillans being still behind the power curve.

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