Sketches – Sintillan Craft

Sintillan Gunship 1

As part of my initial sketches that followed along with the Rassler and Stuka aircraft for the deWulf, the Sintillans got some attention as well. I honestly can’t remember what gave me the inspiration for either one of these ships, though the Partizan gunship on the left has a few common design cues from the A-10 (mainly in the rear engine pods). The Kolyamut lifter is the basic design stretched, disarmed, and fattened in order to haul a fairly classic container in an inset belly mount.

The Partizan gunship was the most common ground attack aircraft used by the Sintillan armed forces, and one that deWulf ground forces learned both to hate and fear. Vectored thrust engines gave it unmatched maneuverability and dwell time, and heavy armour and armament made sure that it could annihilate anything short of a heavy tank or heavily dug in position. Unfortunately deWulf forces rather quickly learned to make use of anti-tank weapons to knock out the Partizan, and while crews could survive the damage, the gunship often was mission killed.

The Kolyamut never got the same kind of attention or reputation as the Partizan, but eventually developed a reputation as a dependable heavy lift unit on both sides of the conflict. Able to operate in the worst conditions with poor maintenance, the general opinion was that if it was worth fighting over, you could get a Kolyamut there.

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