Dear Yuriy Zhevelyuk,

It has come to our attention that you are currently 60 days behind on payment on your loan. EisenRucke United has worked with you in the past regarding payment issues; the spot freight market is always a challenge, but your continued lack of payment has forced our hand.

As of 13.4 15 AS, at Noon Standard Fenris Time, your secured loan is has been declared in default. You have Five standard days to present yourself and the vessel “DWMS das schnellen Geld” (hereafter referred to as The Asset) at the nearest EisenRucke United Office. A full list has been attached to this notice. Upon presentation, you will either:

A) surrender the following:

  • Ownership Title for The Asset
  • Full access credentials and passwords for The Asset
  • A verified copy of The Asset’s WORM smooth log
  • All maintenance records
  • A current title search that attests there are no outstanding liens, port fees, or other expenses against The Asset

B) present the full outstanding amount of the loan as below, plus any additional interest and penalties that may have accrued.

  • The total amount outstanding is ¤11,440,500 as of 13.4 15 AS

Please note that if you do not present yourself and The Asset by 13.4 20 AS, then EisenRucke will exercise all options available under the Asset Recovery Act.


Senior Loan Agent F. Feldhoff
EisenRucke United – Small Business Banking Division

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