News Feed: Critical Mass

*Catchy news jingle plays*
From the very depths of space to the lowest streets of Fenris, deWulf State News brings the facts of the galaxy to your desk!
*DSN News!*

Good Evening, I’m Grant Eisen, filling in for Janeth Devries.

In a shocking development, The Krak University States are in turmoil with the revelation that not only was the Department of ExoClimatology conducting unauthorized experiments on habitable biomes, but that one such experiment has actually gotten out of control as of two weeks ago. Reports are still fragmentary, but we have exclusive first-responder footage from immediately after the accident at the Bianca Asem facility on the southern continent of Furvu Camestris.

*The camera feed switches from the reporter to what is clearly a poorly-stabilized personal attendant recording a Krak HazMat engineer. In the distance behind the engineer is an office building with serious blast damage and smoke rising from behind it.*

“-lost containment soon afterwards. The sector three labs are completely gone, and the base power plant engaged emergency containment procedures almost immediately. When we lost sector three the HOT labs took substantial concussive damage. We-”

*The camera feed goes white, the engineer haloed by the brightness that fades as quickly as it appeared, and a deep boom rolls through the audio pickups. Another engineer appears briefly, pushing a datapad into the first one’s hands.*

“That was the primary power plant… We’ve lost total containment control in the HOT labs and we’re looking at total containment failure in… ” he looks at the tablet “three hours. I recommend-”

*The camera feed goes white, the engineer going from haloed in light to washed out entirely, and the feed dies, changing back to the news announcer.*

At this time the Collegeal Forums have declared a State of Disaster and mobilized supporting elements from the Sciencia and UniverCity Departments of Public Facilities to support Furvu Camestris while the true extent of the fallout becomes known. The Department of ExoClimatology has stated that they are working to identify any data backups that may shed light on exactly what research was going on, but previous public statements have said that the Bianca Asem campus was primarily concerned with atmospheric processing and rehabilitation studies. Given that this disaster took place two weeks ago, most independent analysts are stating that most of the damage done by the disaster has likely already taken place, and now the citizens of the University States can do little but wait and see what happens.

This is Grant Eisen, signing off.

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