Sketches – deWulf Hauptmann Class Destroyer

deWulf Hauptmann Destroyer 1

Another one of the initial design sketches for deWulf ships, this one helped work out a lot of the more specific concepts on both the deWulf open jaw nose. It also spent a bit more time looking at the nose in a few different ways to apply some detail work like where the hull number and name would go, as well as good spots for radomes. It also was the first time I started to taper the nose in and make it something more than just a notched wedge. The weapon mountings s are bit overkill, but it’s better to try out how many weapons could be fit and not look entirely insane, and then scale down than the other way around.

The Hauptmann class Destroyer was one of the first new classes rolled out during the First Contact War for the deWulf. Equipped with multiple plasma guns, it was meant as a close range combatant/warp point assault unit. It traded shields for armour plate and a battery of short range and inaccurate but very powerful plasma cannons. Only one member of this class was built during the war, for two reasons. First, warp point assaults were not required once the deWulf had gotten orbital control of the Sintillan homeworld. Secondly, it rapidly became clear that warp point assaults were meant for bigger hulls than destroyers. And with light cruisers available, and heavy cruisers on the horizon, the Hauptmann’s days were numbered almost as soon as she left the slipways.