Sketches – deWulf Director Class Cruiser

deWulf Director Class Cruiser 1

A later sketch of mine, this one expanded a lot on the concepts that earlier hulls like the Slingshot and Elder God did. The main additions to the basic hullform are the larger wings on either side of a much-enlarged main hull. She also maintains the same hull superstructure as smaller designs. This was still a prototype sketch in a lot of ways, and some changes would still come later (especially as other details were worked out).

The Director Class cruiser was the first heavy cruiser design laid down by the deWulf, taking the lessons from the Sintillan war and applying them to a larger hull. Plasma torpedoes are substantial weapons, and even on a heavy cruiser they could only fit four launchers onboard and still maintain adequate passive and active defenses as well. Later refits would fit a close in laser mount to give the ship some additional firepower if it is forced to engage targets inside the optimal range
of its main battery.

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