February Sitrep

February’s been a pretty productive month for the most part, though in a few spots it’s been less than ideal. But that’s how progress goes after all. It’s not always uniform OR as fast as you’d like. But given how February has been overall (I’d like to take a moment to thank China for not handling COVID-19 and letting it spread so it becomes a big thing at work -_-), that I’ve gotten anything done is rather impressive.

So, what’s gotten done! The art I had contracted out was completed, and I just have to pay so I can get the completed final art bits. Hopefully that’ll be something I can get dealt with next weekend.

In February I was able to process 10 turns, which is great! I only need to run 1 more turn, and then I’ll have everyone caught up to 140. In a few cases I have some countries pushed to 142. So that means I’ve almost gotten my first 2020 goal completed! It also means that I’m getting closer to getting my second 2020 goal as well. In order for me to fully run the 3rd Battle of Elysium, I need to process another 8 turns. I can actually get away with a few turns less than that, as not everyone needs to get pushed up to the same line, but it’d be a good habit to make sure everyone’s on the same level.

I think I’m looking at running 3rd Elysium sometime in April. May at the latest I think, but I’m going to want to have it done sooner than later.

Another thing that needs more attention is helping support the Starfire Design Studio. I did some work here, but they’re a good batch of guys and they deserve more time. I’ll have to see about carving out a bit more time to help them. It helps me in the end, after all.

I’m also working to tool up a bit for this whole A-Z blog challenge in April. I’ve gotten a few good ideas, but I’m always looking for more. So please feel free to submit a suggestion or idea Right Here!

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