Sketches – Krak Freighter

Krak Transport Concept 1
Since I’d designed out most of the freighters for the other major powers, I thought that it would be worth building out what the Krak would use as well. The design
concept here is both building off of what the Krak prefer to have (IE modular systems), but also making it clear that it’s not entirely their own standard. After
all, they were still developing proper spacecraft when contacted by the deWulf, so a lot of their own concepts and theoretical designs are underpinned by what they
knew worked (even research-mad civilizations aren’t going to reinvent the wheel just for the sake of it). And one of the concepts they most quickly “adopted” was the
standard space shipping container (which really needs its own post one of these days).

Mechanically, the Krak freighter is just as capable as every other FT2 that exists in the same universe. Same speed, same overall carrying capacity, same durability
(or a lack thereof). Krak ships however are a bit more optimized towards space transport at the expense of on-plant transloading. Unlike the deWulf FT2, that has its
cargo racks attached to a central spine, the Krak design has an over top clamp setup that houses standard connections, power umbilicals, and has the crew’s own
accomodations scattered along to fill out the space. Command and control is located in a small, somewhat exposed bridge that sits atop the over-top clamp structure.
The general logic being that if a freighter is actually in combat, burying it in a more secure location would only cost more without giving any improvement to the
ship’s survivability.

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