Sketches – Krak Reverse-Engineered Heavy Cruiser

Krak Reverse-engineered CA 1

This sketch is a bit of a derivative design. The Krak recovered several combat ships from a flotilla of automated warships in a dead-end system several jumps out from the Sargasso Nebula, and it got them a plethora of technologies. One of those technologies was practical examples of larger combat hulls than they could initially build. As a result, their designs are a bit of a hybrid, taking cues from the automated warships that they recovered (since they were clearly superior), but designed and built by a much lower tech base. In the case of the heavy cruiser, that meant that smooth, flowing lines and well-balanced systems were replaced by cruder, blockier hardware.

The Reverse engineered CA keeps the same kind of “slot and groove” setup that the  survey ship had, but expands it to mount much larger engines. Copying the single bulbous main hull proved to be rather impossible for the Krak in general, so they instead settled on a large slab main hull with a collection of gun batteries that mimicked the coverage found on the original automated warship. The development of the heavy cruiser also lead to two more design changes for Krak ships. The first was an internally upgraded IFF system that enabled longer-range identification of ships. The second was that all Krak combat ships would be required to carry combat and survey sensors. Ideally the best available, but at the very least the most basic models.

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