Sketches – deWulf Drop Pod

deWulf Drop Pod

Admittedly, this concept is rather heavily based on what little we saw of the drop sleds from that old classic game Quake 2. While we never really saw much of Bitterman’s pod, we did see a few other crashed pods, and we also got a much better look at the whole system in Quake 4. This was a pretty classic “flying missile” design that I just couldn’t let entirely rest. It has some identifiable differences, mainly the two larger delta lift wings as opposed to the smaller X winglets seen on the Quake pods. Another major difference is the addition of the “grav ‘chute” generators mounted in small pop-out panels on the front nose. Given the high velocity these pods would be experiencing, they’d be needing something more substantial than a parachute to slow them down!

In-universe these are strictly a first-wave insertion weapon, used by the Ahle-battalions and almost entirely used to deploy power-armour troops onto the battlefield. Designed to overwhelm tracking and get as many troops onto the ground in a combat-ready state, the drop pods normally carry one power-armour equipped trooper, as well as additional ammunition and supplies that would allow them to be fully combat-capable for up to 48 hours at a stretch. Their primary tactical goal is to secure spaceheads and help thin out ground-to-orbit fire for the following waves.

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