Sketches – Elysian Main Battle Tank

Elysian Standard Tank 1

Another vehicle that I sketched out while I was writing the battle of Finn’s Massif on Dave’s World. While the deWulf have a more classical slab-sided rhombus, Elysian tanks were meant to be much more of a smoothly shaped, refined design.

The Elysian tank borrows a bit from hovercraft in that they have an armoured load-bearing skirt that runs around the outside lower rim of the hull, as opposed to having extendable landing legs like the deWulf tank. While this makes parking more challenging (requiring a hard, level surface), this is compensated for by having lower maintenance requirements and increased lower protection.

All three crew are retained in the hull of the tank, the driver in between the forward prongs, and the gunner and commander back and to the right and left sides, respectively. The turret itself is unmanned, equipped with a single high-power 2400nm laser as its only weapon. The forward glacis has a pair of short range lasers designed for rapid, continual fire, and are capable of both working in the anti-infantry and point defense roles.

While the Elysians could undoubtedly make an even more effective combat vehicle if they ruthlessly optimized it, it already was several generations beyond what the deWulf could hope to match, and an even more advanced tank would only risk even more advanced technologies falling into the hands of the Elysians enemies.


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