Sketches – deWulf Nee Holland Assault Cruiser

Sketch - deWulf Nee Holland Assault Cruiser

The Nee Holland was a design that flowed out of the first two wars that the deWulf fought. In both of them, the final acts were planetary invasions, landing troops on hostile worlds and putting an end to armed resistance at the source.

Both of these wars were waged with civilian ships carrying troops into the fray. And while this worked on relatively undefended planets (especially planets without PDC defenses), it was realized that this was not likely to remain so. Hence, the development of the Assault Cruiser. Instead of heavy firepower and armour, the Nee Holland is designed to carry assault shuttles, drop pods, and some light orbital firepower to work as the lynchpin of a planetary assault.

Design-wise, this is based around my heavy cruiser sketch, but instead replaces the port and starboard weapon blisters with large shuttle bays for maintaining and launching the shuttles. While not really good for high-speed turnarounds, they idea is that they are operating in reasonably secure space and don’t require a fast launch/recovery cycle time.  Heavy pressure doors to the shuttle bays are retained, as they are also used for maintenance, loading, and training when not conducting flight operations.

She still retains the classic deWulf tapered “jaw nose” with ECM and sensor masts in the open jaw. She also has a slight change where her main cargo hatch instead is on the side instead of the dorsal position, and her upper “bridge blister” is lower and longer instead of taller and shorter.

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