October-November 2019 Sitrep

Hey, what happened to October?

Well, sadly life. I got stuck in up to my eyeballs on a whole whack of things, and one of the things that didn’t get done was the October Sitrep. Which is just as well, really, as not very much actually got done!

Most of the work that was actually accomplished was in November. Due to my big vacation last year, I didn’t take my usual week off in November, so a lot of bigger projects I usually work on then, well, didn’t happen. So I didn’t do another press on Scenario Book 1 or on anything else big.

I am happy to say that I wasn’t idle though. I continued to press on getting turns caught up and processed, and while it’s not QUITE caught up, everything’s almost all where I want it to be, which is great. I could stand to get a few more turns run on some of the NPRs to get them perfectly lined up. I try to keep the player empire(s) ahead of the NPRs, since that keeps the likelihood of a player then reacting to what an NPR has done in the most advantageous manner.

I also put some effort into actually building out the current… plot arc, for a lack of a better name. I mean, I haven’t gotten all of the turns done, but I know exactly where things are going in the short-medium term, and I’ve gotten some decent framework laid out, with the writing to go with it. Of course, the pieces that are coming up sooner are the ones that are also proving to be more intractable to actually finish, but that means once they’re done then we can expect a fairly good tempo rolling right up to the big event. And all I’ll have to do once THAT comes up is set up a good weekend to actually run the whole thing through from start to finish. I’m hoping to be able to run the battle itself sometime in January. As for the results, those will come in due time.

So onward to November!

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