Sketches – deWulf “Dachs” Recon Hover

Sketch - deWulf Dachs Recon Vehicle

The Dachs first got a mention back in Turn 96, as the deWulf Army was being pushed back into its final defensive lines on Dave’s World.

The Dachs is a light scout hovertank, and it roughly fills the same niche that a Wiesel does. I can’t think of anything comparable in the American or Russian arsenals, as the Dachs utterly lacks any infantry lift capacity, and so isn’t really comparable to a BMD or a Humvee. It’s purpose is to provide reconnaissance and harass lighter elements, and the equipment fit is a part of this. It has a small extendable sensor mast that lets it peek over hull-down cover, while protecting its own hull.

The Dach’s armament also reflects it’s combat role. It has a light plasma cannon for dealing with most light targets, and a pair of fire-and-forget anti-armour rockets on small blisters on either side. This gives it enough punch to break contact or conduct a small ambush on hardened targets. Finally, it has a hull mounted smart gun to deal with unarmoured infantry and soft targets. However, it has virtually no armour, and even a light weapon can cripple, if not totally wreck a Dachs.

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