Sketches – deWulf Cruiser Bridge

Sketch - deWulf Cruiser Bridge

This is actually the first deck plan I ever drew. One too many nights of watching Legends of Galactic Heroes, and I got to thinking about what the bridge on a deWulf ship looked like. I admit the design is somewhat similar to the Free Planets Alliance bridge, but without a lot of the “Yamato Pagoda” multi-level style.

There’s a few other ideas that got pulled from other universes as well, but it’s very much a combat bridge than the bridge of a civilian freighter or survey ship. The forward part of the bridge has a wrap-around screen to help give the command staff a better feel for the local environment and also help alleviate the otherwise cramped nature of the combat bridge. The bridge possesses two holographic tanks; a forward tactical tank for handling the immediate combat situation around the ship, and a larger navigation and plotting tank farther aft for planning and long-range analysis.

Also conveniently located is an access passageway to a small selection of lifeboats for command staff, though generally escape is only done in the case of immediate and catastrophic destruction.


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