You are about to embark…

*Catchy news jingle plays*
From the very depths of space to the lowest streets of Fenris, deWulf State News brings the facts of the galaxy to your desk!
*DSN News!*

Hello, I’m Georg Bunzen, reporting from the deWulf Combined Fleet, somewhere on the Elysian Front Line.

We’re seeing here one of the largest gatherings of deWulf naval ships since the beginning of the war. Over a hundred navy ships are here, from light escorts to the latest in heavy battleships. We have ships from the deWulf Corporate Navy, the Ibizan Royal Navy, and ships formerly of the Sintillan Fleet all working together.

Not a day has gone by where another ship has come to join the fleet, and keeping the growing task forces organized is becoming more and more complex with every new warship. We’ve asked repeatedly for a statement on when the new offensive will begin, but the only information we’ve been told is “when it’s ready”.

All this firepower is coiling like a spring, ready to burst. When will it be unleashed? Only time will tell.

This is Georg Bunzen, somewhere on the Elysian Front Lines.

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