Sketches – Sintilla Shipyard Details

Sketch - Sintilla Shipyard 1

As part of Scenario Book 1, I wanted to have some internal art in among the various scenarios. One part of it was the shipyard that the Sintillans were using to build more ships, and I didn’t want it to be a completely undetailed set of shapes.

One problem I do have when it comes to making 3d models is that I really have trouble just “putting stuff” for details. I need it to serve some kind of actual purpose. So, I spent a lot of time looking at various shipyards and seeing what they actually had on site and how they actually built modern ships (especially warships). So that meant I needed a subassembly hall. I also figured that a shipyard, at least at the lower tech level that the Sintillans had, they’d also build a pretty substantial resource processing note on-site as well. So that added on a circuit fab plant and a smelter.

The smelter though isn’t actually inspired by any real smelter. Instead that’s from a photo of the Brown’s Ferry nuclear power plant while it was under construction. Totally not a realistic look for a metals smelter, but you have to admit the “suspended spherical flask over a donut” design is rather unique.

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