August 2019 Sitrep

I’m actually happy with my progress this month. Now, to keep it up.

The Mk2 Plotting table has proven its worth, both as a way to keep track on where things are, but also as a way for me to have a continual reminder of what needs doing. I kind of wish I had a better place to put it, other than just having it propped up against a bookshelf, but accessible wall space is at a bit of a premium, so I guess I’ll have to make do for now.

I managed to process about 8-10 turns of backlog in August, split fairly evenly between two empires. That might not seem like a lot, but one empire is pretty big, and as a result has a lot of fleet elements that need to get built, organized, and deployed. That makes for a fair amount of work in each turn. The other empire had a lot of information scattered about and poorly curated, so it needed to get an organizational pass before I could really start processing. That’s all part of the serious grind that I mentioned in last month’s sitrep.

Still, it was a few steps in the right direction, and my goal is to get that completely caught up by the end of September, if only so I can push the actual main story forward!

However I still haven’t really done any major play-testing. I did a little as mentioned earlier, but it’s not as much as it needs to be. But I continue to work towards scheduling and setting up some proper testing, ideally on a regular basis. But that’s also contingent on me getting more people to test with.

In other news, one of the biggest challenges always is content generation, both story and world building (not that this should be a shocker. Content generation is always a challenge). But I’ve had a bit of an idea on something I can do that will let me both generate some regular content as well as set it up a fair bit in advance, so I can be a bit more efficient by batch-producing it. You’ll know that when you start to see it 🙂

Finally, no new progress on Scenario Book 1. I just didn’t get to devoting any time to it this month, but with a bit of luck maybe in September I can get that final content pass done and start looking for a proofreader. AND then start a second pass at some of the internal artwork to boot.

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