News Feed: Research Revolt

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Good Evening, I am Grant Eisen, filling in for Janeth DeVries tonight.

Our top story continues to be growing unrest in the Krak University States.

The Krak University States continue to grapple with a total funding freeze after revelations six months ago that the College of ExoClimatology was conducting unauthorized experiments on habitable biomes. When the college was suspended following the revelation of this news thanks to our associate network at KUNN, protests erupted within days across multiple campuses planet-wide. The protestors, citing the traditional Freedom of Research, have stated that this interference with internal research projects is a violation of the State Charter and quote “the first step towards the demolition of freedom of thought and science” unquote.

Protests have since morphed into a general accusation of financial impropriety, nepotism, and corruption in the ruling Collegal Forums, and have resulted in near society-wide shut downs as local directors and leaders struggle to manage the situation. Already, several peripheral colonies such as Arcadia Decima and The Lambda Belt have begun to distance themselves from the managing Principals in an effort to stem the tide of unrest. Fortunately, basic civic support organizations have committed to remaining at their posts for the duration of this crisis, and the Department of Public Facilities and Department of External Logistics have both declared their neutrality in the face of rising uncertainty. At present trade continues to flow in and out of the University States, but how long this situation remains is anyone’s guess.

In related news, Deepspace IG’s stock has increased by 2% over the past month. In a press release earlier this week they cited steady growth in their Secure Shipping Service, driven by continuing instability…

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