Chit Upgrades

As part of my playtesting, I’ve been using a collection of Starfire chits from the 4th Ed box. However, one of the problems is that, to be honest, there were a few of them were just hard to read. I had labeled them way back when I started playing Starfire, and they’re not labeled in a logical manner or even readable. It’s hard enough to read when there’s just a number there, nevermind a letter and a number.


The last playtesting session underlined this problem. It was just a pain to keep track of which frigate is which! But this time around, I actually had something to fix it. I got a label printer to make that Fleet Management board, and with a few settings changes I was able to print little numbers that are just small enough to fit and not completely fill the chits. Chits-After

That’s a LOT easier to read. Was a bit fiddly to get done, but it’s a LOT easier to read even at a distance. I think I’m going to have to do this to most of my other chits now…

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