Side Project

—— Newsfeed Online ——

*Catchy news jingle plays*
From the very depths of space to the lowest streets of Fenris, deWulf State News brings the facts of the
galaxy to your desk!
*DSN News!*

Good evening, I’m Janeth deVries.

Our top story tonight is a new development from deWulf Heavy Industries.

In a press conference earlier today, they announced the creation of a new high-tensile alloy for use in space frame construction. While only slightly bulkier than current alloys, it has higher tensile and compressive strengths than the current Durasteel(TM) alloys currently used in most space frame construction.

*The video feed cuts to an earlier press conference located at a deWulf Heavy Industries office*

As part of our ongoing research contracts with the deWulf Navy, we are often having to reinvent the wheel, as it were. One of our research projects, in the course of developing an upgraded weapons mount, identified a new alloy composition. This new alloy concept was then handed off to our materials division for further research.

After several months of testing and development, we are please to deliver our new Durasteel Lechte on the open market. While taking 10% more volume than conventional DuraSteel, it offers nearly double the tensile and compressive strength. It takes advantage of a novel composition technique that-

—— Newsfeed Offline ——

Erwin Donnal and SPM Rollen both looked at the screen, grimacing a bit.

“How is it that we find out about this sort of thing like this, instead of our own internals?” Donnal glowered as he continued “Or is it that we’re just missing another premium subscription?”

“This wasn’t an official research project of ours, so we weren’t expected to have access.” Rollen repied tartly. “It certainly would have been polite of them, though. Let’s have a discussion with PackMaster Brandt over at Research Co-ordination. Have him emphasize the importance of… keeping the navy appraised of new developments. I’m more concerned that he mentioned they were working on a new weapon mount.”

“Saying that deWulf Heavy Industries is working on a new weapons mount is like saying Mittelspannung builds ships. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

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