May 2019 Sitrep

It’s been a few busy months since the last update in February. The mountain of work in real life didn’t really get much smaller (though it did get streamlined some), and somewhere along the line I got to go on vacation for a few weeks, which was VERY welcome. The nice thing about a long vacation is however, that you can occasionally take a few moments out of your day to do something else. Like writing. I’m also hoping to perhaps post a few photos from my trip; I got to see quite a few museums, and on occasion they have some interesting bits of hardware lying around, perfect for being reimagined as something else!

While on vacation I got back the first draft bits of art that I had contracted out; as I expected, they were definitely in the right direction. They’ll need a pass or two before they’re ready to be completed, of course, but that’s part of the usual process. It will be along when it’s done.

One thing I have done with the website is add a new Downloads section. Right now I’m just putting up a link to the whole deWulf story that I’ve written (and I’m not going to lie, the first… 80 turns or so are REALLY rough). I’ll probably also be posting a few spreadsheet tools that I’ve made, but I want to give those a bit of a quality pass before I put them out into the wild.

Scenario Book 1: First Contact War

I’ve got a full set of mk2 balanced scenarios ready, and I’m hoping to get some testing done at next month’s game night. Hopefully on the results from that batch of playtesting I should be able to do a third pass on balance and confirm that I’ll be getting the results I’m supposed to.


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