February 2018 Sitrep

So, I’ve been missing a few sitreps! I wish I could say that it’s all thanks to a mountain of work I’ve done on Starfire, but sadly it’s just been a mountain of work in real life. I got a few little things done, but nothing really substantial. I’ve gotten in touch with my artists, and I’m working on sending a second batch of art tenders for (eventual) completion. No ETA of course, but then I’m getting good quality and a good price, so it’s a little much for me to expect high speed as well!

The good news about this art is that while it’s not going to substantially advance any of the books, it WILL improve my ability to put out content on this website, mainly by allowing me to watermark/sign various designs and sketches. So that means I can start to put out a bunch of other bits of universe building that I’ve done, including a lot of detail work on ships, design systems, settings, and more.

Scenario Book 1: First Contact War

No real progress, but I’m working to set up some more playtesting to continue to fine tune the balance for some of the battles. I think I’ve got it a lot closer to
where it needs to be, but the proof is in the testing and not before.

I’ve also gotten a bit of additional art commissioned for this one; nothing really fancy, mainly technical art and ID work.

Vilpol Crew Manual: Zweireiner Class Freighter

Part of the art commissioning was a few initial bits of art for this project as well. This guy is on the back burner till First Contact War is done.

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