November 2018 SitRep

With November over, I wish I could say that I accomplished all of my lofty goals. Sadly, not quite. I had to reshuffle and delay my vacation by about two weeks, which forced me to cancel some of the playtesting I had scheduled. As well, I pushed myself a bit more than I would care to admit, and I spent more of my vacation actually relaxing instead of actually putting myself in gear. My continual need for food and housing strikes again.

Scenario Book 1: First Contact War

November wasn’t a total write-off though. I was able to spend two days doing some solid blender work, and I’ve gotten one of my rulebook scenes fully completed, and it was the most complex one to boot. I’ll post a snippet of the shipyard sometime later this month, but that single scene was the hardest one to complete, and if you look back at my DeviantArt page, you’ll see that it’s been in process for a LONG time. Getting all the texture work and posing was a pain, but I finally accomplished it!

I also did some more modelling and construction work on another picture, a deWulf Slingshot undergoing field repairs. It’s not totally done; I need to do some more internal detailing where the hull was blown open, and add in some work lights, welding arcs, and a small work pods cutting at the hull and installing replacement parts.

The good news though is that these are the most complex renders that need doing. The rest (ships in combat shooting each other, ships transiting out of a jump point, and a ship recognition guide) are all substantially simpler than the above. I’m aiming for some more work done this month (ideally completing the repair scene and one of the combat scenes).

While I didn’t get any playtesting done, I did put some time aside to edit the scenario book a bit more; I’ve roughed out what I think the alternate battles should be, and printed out the first round of playtests on them as well. With a bit of luck, I’ll put some of those through their paces this weekend. Failing that, it’ll be next weekend. A few rounds of combat should also give me a better idea of where the alternate battles need to be so they’ll be in the right ballpark for balancing.


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