October 2018 SitRep

October’s come and gone, and it’s not exactly been the most productive month I’m afraid. Real life has, as usual seen fit to make itself know and I spent a lot of additional time getting things straightened out at work instead of being at home writing. Since I’m not making the megabucks with my keyboard, I decided to remain employed in order to stay stocked in food and roof. Not to say that NOTHING has happened though…

Scenario Book 1: First Contact War

A little work got done on writing, but most of the real work done in October has been some long-delayed playtesting. I’ll have another post on this up shortly, but the results weren’t too surprising, given the honestly patchy notes that i had from this war (especially the first battle or two). I’m not really in a mood to change the “historical” battles too much, but I will definitely be adding in a section at the end for “hypothetical” engagements that should bring the battles to be a little more in balance.

In November I have some vacation time scheduled; I expect to be able to devote at least three full days to this book, and that should make for some pretty solid progress!

Vilpol Crew Manual: Zweireiner Class Freighter

I’ve done a second pass on the actual entry list for the crew manual, and I think I’m pretty happy with what it will have so far. I need to give it one more pass more from the perspective of a RPG book and make sure that it hits a lot of the key areas for that (okay it’s great that we have maintenance schedules for the critical components, but why as a player would I care?). Kind of a key thing overall, really.

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