News Feed: Corporate Colony Charter Expires

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Good Evening. I’m Janeth deVries.

The BioMed Corporation today announced the opening of their research colony on Lugo for general immigration. Originally founded under a corporate charter by the Ibizan Monarchy, Lugo was originally meant to function as a secure research centre, tasked with cataloging and researching the local biosphere. Over the past three years it has surveyed the majority of on-planet life and delivered several valuable breakthroughs for BioMed’s product development teams.

With the charter’s exclusivity agreement coming to a close, BioMed has decided to open the colony for general immigration. The total current population of just over nine million, with the main city of Tisuna having a population of six million. The rest of the population is scattered over a dozen other cities, with some smaller towns servicing long-term research sites.

Markets were mixed on the news that BioMed would continue to support the colony. A spokesman for BioMed stated “Even though the colony is now open to all outside businesses under the termination and transfer of government clauses of the charter, we still retain a critical first-mover advantage, and we feel that the potential for long term profit continues to exist. To say nothing of our current employees, of course.”

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