September 2018 SitRep

Hello All!

Just firing off a current SitRep on things here at Dollarton-Proxima. This month’s entry is kind of a broad one, since it’s the first and I want to get down where all the various projects are sitting, one way or another. Future entries will only touch on what’s actually getting updated. Which means mostly deWulf stuff directly, and Scenario Book 1 to start.

General Stuff

Currently sitting on/about Turn 134 right now. Have some snippets for 135 that are being fleshed out into full story bits that move things along. A few NPRs aren’t up to 135 yet, but they’ll get caught up when I have a few moments to pound through their turns.

One of my artists got back to me recently! She finished her move and is now settled in. Sadly her PC didn’t quite survive, and she’s working on getting it patched up. But hopefully that’ll be by Christmas so I can start getting some more work done to fill out a couple more blank spots. My other artist is still working on her contract and won’t be clear of that till sometime in November. I’ve got a few bits I want her to do for the website, and until that’s done I won’t be able to post some stuff I want to (need her to make some watermark and signature/ownership logos).

Scenario Book 1: First Contact War

I’ve completed most of my second edit pass on this, just need to finish off a few last paragraphs on the aftermath and then the writing will be done. After that, I have to find someone to do an editing pass…

Still need to sit down and finish the last few bits of 3d art as well. Most of the models have been completed, and it’s a matter of posing out the work and getting it all rendered. The two things still to do are finishing the texture work on the shipyard (gods, that’s been a LONG process), and building out a model for what a warp point should look like in mid-use (thinking a big blue swirly thing. Seems to be tradition after all.)

Also done some playtesting on the scenarios as written and updated. For the most part they’ve worked the way I expected, but I think I’ll need to do a little tweaking. To be honest my earliest records are REALLY spotty, so this imbalance is likely a result of this poor record keeping. Another thing to consider were that these were some of my first Starfire battles ever, so suboptimal play is another likely issue. With the low tech level of the ships, there really isn’t much difference between an original 4th Ed frigate and it’s Solar counterpart. Hope to do the balance of the testing soon, but the latter battles should be a lot more straightforward.

Once those things are done, we’ll be on to doing layout and getting it ready for prime time.

Vilpol Crew Manual: Zweireiner Class Freighter

Rough deck plans for the ship have been completed, feature list for the book is more or less done. Going to have to do a little fishing for where to get some of the internal art done. I have some snippets and ideas for some fluff text. Next steps are to start writing out some of the actual body of the work.

Spacer’s Guide: Falke

Currently having various internal bits brainstormed and snippets constructed. Basic planetary design work has already been done. Need to work out on building a proper planetary map (thinking using the Traveller style triangular wedges). Have a few interesting locations already written out.

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