Requested and Ordered

Mittelsspannung Orbital Shipyards
deWulf Corporate Space

The yards above Fenris hummed with activity now, having been almost idle for the past few months as all of their attentions had been bent to assembling six massive hulls with all the haste of an obsessed and caffeine-maddened engineer. Given the use of four shifts, all working at a breakneck pace, the comparison was perhaps not entirely off the mark. Components had been stockpiled in empty construction bays, carefully cataloged and positioned in order of need for this moment.

The hulls had been “completed” only a few days ago, and now those parts were being pulled from storage, recertified, and inserted into the cavernous spaces those hulls had formed. Engines, life support, meters of armoured plating and rows of point defense modules. All arrayed around a pair of kinetic railguns that were forming the spine of the ship itself. As more and more components found themselves installed, the empty hulls transformed themselves into fearsome engines of destruction.

For the deWulf, they hoped that this time they would be fearsome enough. Certainly, they had thought that for the last assault. And the one before. And as more of the hull became ship, their crews began to assemble as well. New crews fresh from training, experienced hands and officers from disposed and destroyed ships, steadily they began to replace the construction crews as they did the “last bolt” work of fitting out. Finishing connections, installing and configuring software, taking care of the last fittings and checks, a ship’s first crew had every incentive to ensure that their ship would leave the yards fully operational. In the wake of their work, they settled in to the already complete parts of the ship and gave the systems a proper stress testing.

As the dWS Heiterkeit Valley came together, one more crewman arrived to take his own position. His luggage cart followed along dutifully behind him as he stopped to look at the ship still coming together in the assembly slip, then looking down to his order.

To: Hunter Jorg Hafig
From: deWulf CentCom
Subject: dWNS Heiterkeit Valley
Clearance: 5-Oblate

Your current leave is hereby cancelled, and you are hereby requested and ordered to report to the dWNS Heiterkeit Valley as her new commanding officer. Your earlier promotion to Hunter has been confirmed retroactive to your initial date of promotion. The board wishes to express its full confidence in you; your service aboard the Stan Maykovsky was in the highest ideals of the deWulf Space Navy. We look forward to seeing you execute your duties with the same pride and skill.

Authentication Encrypt: ebHTNcCgZy

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